This summer will be dominated by color and will be exuberant. Bright colors give us the optimism we need right now. Whether you go for an entire outfit, eye-catching accessories or popping nails, color is back in fashion. And let’s be honest: you don’t have to choose!

The new collection from Nail Creation is a rainbow of fantastic colors that immediately gives every outfit a trendy touch. Do you dare to choose apple green, bright purple or hot pink? Or do you prefer the slightly more neutral but oh so trendy peachcolored nude?

Why? We are more than happy to explain that. Nail Creation creates time-saving, effective nail products to work more efficiently, accurately and ultimately more profitable. In addition, the professional team of Nail Creation has more than 22 years of experience and knowledge in the top of the nail industry. This results in being able to offer the highest quality products. Moreover, Nail Creation consists of a complete total concept: A complete range of products, the highest level of service and the best help that is offered to our customers. We offer guidance through a total concept that ensures success in every salon. Last but not least, Nail Creation was founded in 1993 with its headquarters in the Netherlands. We have all products, knowledge, production capabilities and training facilities in-house.

Our colorist has created new colors for spring 2022: a collection that reflects free-spirited optimism, a desire for spontaneity, uplift and joy. Perfect fuchsia will be the new basic. Minty blue and cool purple give any look a trendy twist. And what about the satin white with a subtile sparkle?
Create your seasonal collection from Nail Creation beautiful colors in Champion Gel Polish and Color Gel. Get ready for spring 2022 to come!

We Heart It – G9489
Ocean Avenue – G9490
Minty Blue – G9491
Satin – G9492

Color Gel:
We Heart It – G5709
Ocean Avenue – G5710
Minty Blue- G5711
Satin – G5712

Our colorist created a beautiful new color collection that makes you eager for the winter to begin. Blue won’t give you the blues as it is here to stay. The chic greyish blue in the 2021 winter collection is on trend in any occasion. The rich camel tone is classic and fashionable at the same time and the robust red shade combines heartiness with sophisticated earthiness. And last but not least, our muted pink color gives a feminine touch to any look!

Nail Creation’s seasonal collection is available in Gel Polish and Color Gel.

Now you can make any design glow in the dark. Just apply Glow In The Dark to the full nail or any area you want to glow. Glow In The Dark top coat is transparent and can be worn over your favorite gel polish color. Apply like regular gel polish top coat. Lights up in black light/UV light.