Sparkle! Glitter! Dazzle! Meet our new Glamazone Flex base

Flex Base Dazzle; large glitters

Glamazone Flex base Dazzle: larger and smaller sized glitters

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Flex Base glitter: classic glitters

Glamazone Flex base Glitter: classic glitter particles

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Flex Base glitter: subtle glitters

Glamazone Flex base Sparkle: subtle glitter particles

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About Glamazone Flex Base

The soak off formulation is great for reinforcing thin, brittle or splitting nails. Glamazone Flex Base has a thick consistency which allows the product to act as ridge filler. Flex Base is the perfect combination of toughness and elasticity for extra durability. Contains a very flexible urethane acrylate oligomer with superior adhesion.

• Extra durable
• Superior flexibility and adhesion
• Smooths
• Thick consistency
• Soak off formulation
• Great for weak nails
• With smaller and larger sized glitters
• Available in colors nude, natural & Sandy Rose