Autumn Nail Colours 2023

Super bright hues expressing energy boosting vitality and the celebration of life

Pantone is the benchmark for color trends, Nail Creation’s trend collection follows the Pantone autumn/winter 2023 colors as unveiled in New York Fashion Week. This fall, the gel polish and color gel collection has 5 bold colors. Red-tinged pink, heated dark orange, vivid green, noble blue and a trendy classic light blue that will take over our nails!


It’s a Sign! – G9523
Mind Blowing – G9524
Wild Guess – G9526
Nothing but Love – G9527
Close the Door – G9528

Color Gel:

It’s a Sign! – G5733
Mind Blowing – G5734
Wild Guess – G5735
Nothing but Love – G5736
Close the Door – G5737

Gel Polish + Color UV gel autumn nail color 2023

Stay on top of trends and go for a very vibrant autumn.

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