4 NEW colors Essenza Gel

The Essenza Gel range is extended with 4 new colors: Cover Natural, Sandy Rose, Blush Peach and Ivory. Available in 15 ml and 50 ml.

Essenza Gel is a one phase gel that lets you achieve big results at a small price: adhesion, sculpting and shine! Its self levelling capacities ensure an easy application. Suitable for natural nail overlays as well as for extensions on nail forms. The gel has good flexibility, is non yellowing and the customer does not experience heat while curing.

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2 NEW colors Tix-O Gel

The Tix-O line is extended with 2 new colors: Cover Natural and Ivory. Available in 15 ml and 30 ml.

Tix-O Builder Gel has a thick consistency that becomes smooth and light when applied to the nail. Tix-O Gel is easy to apply, self-leveling, does not run into nail cuticles and automatically smoothes before curing. This will make the work of each nail technician so much easier. There is no need to stress: just create the ideal shape. Finished? Save time by curing all nails at once.

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