The UV nail lamp is safe to use!

Increased risk of skin cancer due UV nail lamps?  

UV light is essential to harden nail gels and gel polish. UV nail lamps are therefore a necessity in a nail salon. A recently published American study states that this lamp might increases the risk of skin cancer. After which the Dutch Cancer Society advised limiting the use of UV nail dryers (UV lamps). However, various studies from 2010 to date show that the extra exposure of the skin to UV radiation, causing skin cancer is minimal. The Food and Drug Association (FDA) noted that even though UV radiation can damage your skin, “nail curing lamps” present a low risk for cancer “when used as directed by the label”.

The process of curing UV gels

A nail UV gel reacts when exposed to UV light, turning from a fluid state into a solid structure. This is called a ‘polymerization reaction’. To make sure this curing process proceeds flawless and fast a UV nail lamp (nail dryer) is used. You can opt for the classic UV lamps (or ‘fluorescent’ lamps), but also use UV/ LED nail lamps. Both lamps work similar: they use wavelengths in the UV spectrum.

UV nail lamp is safe and blue nails

Can you get skin cancer from UV nail curing lamps?

Calculations in several studies conclude that the risk of skin cancer caused by UV light from UV nail curing lamps (both UV lamps or LED lamps) is minimal. The degree of risk from UV light is rated by the intensity of the UV light, the time of exposure and how often the skin is exposed to the UV light.
As a an extra precaution you can protect the skin with sunscreen SPF30 or higher.

LED and UV lamps: what’s the difference?

All gel nail products can be cured in an UV lamp. LED lamps will only cure nail gels that are specifically designed for curing in LED lamps. Nail Creation gels and gel polish will cure in both UV and in LED lamps. LED lamps are more costly, but will cure faster than

What is better for health: UV or LED lamps?

! The FDA views all nail curing lamps as low risk when used as directed by the label.

Classic UV lamps (also called fluorescent lamps) emit a wider range of wavelengths which makes the curing process takes longer than LED lamps (on average 60-120 seconds, sometimes even longer).
LED lamps have an emission range at a higher wavelength: emitting a narrower, more focused spectrum of UV light. This results in a faster curing (on average 30-60 seconds) compared to traditional UV lamps.

Low risk skin cancer UV nail lamp nail creation

Conclusion: both lamps are safe to use, but with LED you will play it super safe!

And best: All Nail Creation UV gels and Glamazone/ Laq D’or Gel Polish can be cured with LED lamps.


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