Fiber Gel Sparkle Pale Tan

 14,54 25,53 ex. BTW

  • Beautiful milky cocoa color
  • Self-leveling
  • Builder capacities
  • With glitters
  • Extra strength due to added fiberglass
  • HEMA-free
  • HEMA & TPO-free
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Fiber Gel Sparkle Pale Tan

Fiber Gel Sparkle Sparkle Tan is a cover gel of a beautiful milky cocoa color with subtle glitter. Look great on any type of skin color.

Nail Creation Fiber gel with glitters: your best basic with a twist!

Its subtle silver glitters sparks any manicure.

Why you need Nail Creation Fiber gels

Nail Creation Fiber gel is a gel of the newest generation with the strength of acrylic. It is achieved through added fiber particles. The gels are self-leveling and do not require extensive filing after curing.

The special formula provides perfect adhesion, and the high plasticity guarantees durability and prevents from lifting and fractures. With fiberglass in the formula, the gel is very suitable for repairing and reinforcing natural nails. But also for nail extensions, as they can be perfectly pinched!

How to apply our Fiber Gels?

  • Prepare the nail
  • Apply alcohol-based sanitizing liquid on the nails to remove the remaining dust
  • Apply All System Bonding, let it dry in the air for 30 seconds
    • A. For regular quality nails, apply a thin base layer of Fiber Gel Clear, cure it 2 minutes under UV lamp or 1 minute under LED lamp.
    • B. For nails that tend to cause lifting, apply a thin layer of Base gel, cure it 2 minutes under UV lamp or 1 minute under LED lamp.
  • Build the nail using Fiber Gel Sparkle Pale Tan, cure it 2 minutes under UV lamp or 1 minute under LED lamp. In order to avoid excessive heat reaction, apply gel in layers not thicker than 2 mm.
  • Remove the residual sticky layer with Gel Cleanser, and file the nail in shape.
  • Apply Fiber Gel White on the zone of the smile line and cure it 2 minutes under the 36W UV lamp or 60-90 seconds under a LED lamp.
  • Apply top gel of your choice to create the desired effect.

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