Gel Cleanser

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  • Quickly remove sticky residue
  • High quality
  • Special formula antibacterial disinfector
  • HEMA & TPO-free
  • Available in volumes: 150 ML, 500 ML & 1000 ML

Note: We can’t ship this product to countries outside Europe due international shipping restrictions.

Gel Cleanser

This Gel Cleanser is perfect for finishing gel nails and removing the inhibition layer, can be used with all Nail Creation gels.

How to use our Gel Cleanser

  1. Prepare the nails like you usually do
  2. Apply the gel (you work with) and let it cure
  3. Repeat if necessary
  4. Apply the Gel Cleanser on a Nail wipe and remove the stick layer
  5. Apply a topcoat or Gel Polish and let it cure