Fiber Gel Extreme White

 13,80 ex. BTW

  • Superior Builder gel
  • Extreme white pigmented gel
  • Self-leveling & extra strong
  • Especially for thin application
  • Easy to apply
  • Special NON-yellowing formula
  • Create a sharp and crisp look to your French manicure
  • No Top Coat needed!
  • HEMA & TPO-free
  • Available in volume: 15 ML

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Fiber UV Nail Gel Extreme White

The Fiber UV Nail Gel is an Extreme White One-Phase system for creating a sharper and crisper look to your French Manicure. The gel creates a better overlay in the liquid/ powder system. The color is stable so no fading will occur, so your client will enjoy her long-lasting French Manicure. Another advantage of this gel: it provides ultimate adhesion and durability so it prevents lifting and breakages.

How to apply our UV One Phase Gels

  1. Clean the nails and hands by using the Purifier
  2. Lightly buff off the natural nail with the buffer file. Use the manicure stick to push back the cuticle area and remove remaining dust. File and shape the nails.
  3. Clean the nails with the Nail Scrub
  4. Optional: apply a tip or form
  5. Apply one layer of All System Bonder to the nail and let it air dry.
  6. Apply the Fiber Gel and sculpt it in the preferred shape. Cure according the instructions.
  7. Repeat step 6!
  8. Remove the sticky layer with the Gel Cleanser and a nail wipe
  9. File the nails in the right shape and buff the nails. Then remove any remaining dust!
  10. Apply top gel of your choice to create the desired effect & Finish with the cuticle oil & handlotion