First Step Nail Prep

 12,95 ex. BTW

  • Prep your nails for the manicure to come!
  • Ensure the nail is free from debris and disinfected
  • Prepping your nails properly will help the gel polish adhere to your nails.

First Step Nail Prep

For longlasting results: always apply our bonder and base coat first. Finish with our top coat for amazing shine. The quality of the UV/LED lamp has a major influence on the success of your manicure. Only with the correct use of our lamp results can be guaranteed.

LAQ d’OR – Your professional salon manicure at home

Enjoy amazing, ultra glossy polished nails for up to 2 weeks.
Stunning and chip-proof! Apply like regular nail polish, cure with UV/LED lamp and you are ready to go! Professional quality, but beginner friendly. Finish with hydrating cuticle oil for a luxe salon experience.
For easy removal use our soak-off remover wraps.