Excellence Powder Light Pink

 8,00 105,73 ex. BTW

  • Acrylic Excellence Powder
  • Light Pink
  • Beautiful transparency
  • Easy to file
  • Very stable color so no fading will ocur
  • Useable in (almost) all environments
  • Ratio 2:1
  • HEMA & TPO-free
  • Available in jar size of 20 gm, 70 gm and 350 gm

Easy to use and apply. For the best results mix the powder with the Acrylic Liquid FST Platinum or SLW Platinum

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Acrylic Excellence Powder Light Pink

The Acrylic Excellence Powder is a light pink Acrylic Powder. With this powder you create beautiful, strong nails. There is no polymethyl methacrylate in the formulation which makes it easy to file, without compromising on strength. The Excellence powder can be used with both the liquids. The correct ratio of this product on the nail is 2:1.

How to apply Acrylic powder

  1. Clean the nails and hands by using the Purifier
  2. Push back the cuticles
  3. Remove the shine of the natural nail using a grit fil and remove dust with a nail brush.
  4. Clean the nails with the Nail Scrub
  5. Optional: apply a tip or form
  6. Use Acrylic Excellence Powder Milky White or Soft White: place the ball on the form of the free edge. Spread the product bij pushing with the belly of the brush so that the product is spread evenly from side to side.
  7. Place a ball of Light Pink, Pink or Pink Extension Excellence Powder in the middel of the nail bed. With the tip of the brush, push the product into the cuticle area. At the same time, with the belly of the brush pull the pink towards the smile line
  8. File the nail in shape
  9. Buff the nail with the Shine Buffer or apply our Superior Gloss or Super Gloss for a long-lasting shine and cure it under a UV lamp
  10. Finish with the cuticle oil!