Excel gel 2.0 Clear

 24,96 38,50 ex. BTW

  • Innovative Builder System
  • Clear
  • Stronger than gel, more flexible than acrylic
  • Great adhesion
  • Easy to use
  • Does not run
  • Create great nails with the handy tube
  • Available in volumes: 30 ML & 60 ML
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Excel gel Clear

The Excel Gel Clear is light, flexible, strong and durable. Nail Creation Excel combines the benefits of gel and acrylic in one innovative new all-in-one system. It’s not a gel and it’s not acrylic: it is Excel!

How to apply our Excel Gel

  1. Clean the nails and hands by using the Purifier
  2. Lightly buff off the natural nail with the buffer file. Use the manicure stick to push back the cuticle area and remove remaining dust. File and shape the nails.
  3. Clean the nails with the Nail Scrub
  4. Optional: apply a tip or form
  5. Apply one layer of All System Bonder to the nail.
  6. Slice off the desired amount of Excel Gel with (one side) of the Excel Cutting Tool.
  7. Model the Excel gel on the nail with the brush (on the other side)
  8. Moisten the brush with Excell Solution and model the Excel gel in the desired shape on the nail.
  9. Let it cure for 30 seconds.
  10. Remove the sticky layer with a nail wipe
  11. File the nails in the right shape and buff the nails. Then remove any remaining dust!
  12. Finish with the cuticle oil & handlotion!