Go crazy with Spider Silk, a thick, very sticky and highly pigmented gel. Perfect for easy nail art and to draw straight, 3D lines!

Create beautifully sculpted nails with 3D Carving Art: a solid gel with the perfect balance between flexibility and toughness for 3d and 4d nail art.

Or dive into details with the tacky/non tacky Amazing Paint gels. Highly pigmented gels to create amazing designs. This gel applies like paint, does not run, does not shrink, has excellent coverage and blends beautifully for special effects. Perfect for fine nail art, accents and shadow techniques!

There are 4 sets of high quality gels for all wild minds out there. All gels are sold per 6 pieces in a design palette, ready to use & must have to carry in your nail artist trolley.

Nail Creation Design gels are an adventure waiting to happen! Available now!