Color Gel Little Gold Dress

 8,41 ex. BTW

  • Exciting UV Gel Color
  • Dark Gold Metallic
  • Opaque
  • No sticky layer
  • More permanent then gel polish
  • Create a glamorous full set or experience with Nail Art
  • Apply directly to the nail or to the Builder gel
  • This Color UV Gel is HEMA-free
  • Volume: 5 ML
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UV Gel Little Gold Dress

The UV Gel Color LIttle Gold Dress is a Dark Gold Metallic colored nail gel. This color is ideal for a client who like to party with metallic nails. With this color you create a partyproof full set or nail art! The gel is super great, easy to apply just like polish, and there’s no tacky layer to deal with! You can apply it to the natural nail, over our Builder Gels or One-Phase gels. Our color gel system provides additional strength to the natural nail. The formula is HEMA-free!

How to apply our Color UV gels

There are multiple ways to apply the Color UV gels of Nail Creation. You can apply it directly to the natural nail, over the Builder Gel or One-Phase Gel Systems to add vibrant colour in a more permanent way. Do you want to know how to apply our Builder or One-phase gel? You will find the instructions by the products.

After finishing the first steps. You will always end your Nail Design with the following steps:

  • Apply one of our top coats, for an ultimate gloss or matt effect
  • Cure the nails for 30 seconds in a LED lamp or 2 minutes in a UV lamp
  • Finish with the cuticle oil & handlotion!