Product ranges

Nail Creation: dedicated to supply technicians with the best products available
Take advantage of more than 20 years of knowledge and experience at the highest level in the nail industry; Nail Creation has a complete product range and is up-to-date on all new creative developments in the nail business. We are committed to created time-saving, effective products enabling technicians to work more efficiently, profitably and perfectly…..nail after nail.

  • Acrylic system

    Platinum system, color acryl, glitter acryl… Nail Creation Acrylic system involves an acrylic powder of the highest possible quality combined with a quality acrylic liquid for creating stunning acrylic nails. Thanks to the unique composition, nails will look at their best.

  • Gel system

    Base gel, builder gel, finishing gel, fiber gel, 1-phase system… Nail Creation has the perfect gel for every nail stylist. Whether you are looking for a good base gel, builder gel, french gel, color gel, glitter gel or finishing gel, Nail Creation has exactly what you need. The choice is yours!

  • Glamazone

    Glamazone, THE new gel polish you apply and remove quickly and super easy. Perfect nails, every day. Beautiful colors, a unique high gloss, no sticky layer and scratch-proof: Glamazone has it all! Even better: you remove Glamazone easily within ten minutes. Without filing!

  • Solid Lac

    Wouldn’t it be great if nail polish would last for 2 weeks? With a high shine and without chipping and peeling? And even harden your own natural nails? Solid Lac is the solution! Solid Lac can be applied as regular nail polish, but has the effect of a color gel: strong nail, perfect shine and a guaranteed durability of 2 weeks!

  • Nail Polish

    Nail Creation has the matching color for you! The entire nail polish collection of Nail Creation consists of trendy, fashionable, long lasting nail polish. The greatest finishing touch comes from the smallest bottle! Pick your color!

  • Nail Art

    The sky is the limit! Create whatever you like, the Nail Creation Nail Art collection is the finishing touch to each nail.

  • Salon equipment

    Nail Creation has a wide range of equipment and accessories for every professional nail salon. Fluids, removers, files, tips, forms… Nail Creation has it all!

  • Brush collection

    Demand the best from the products you use the most. Essential to creating the perfect nail is a good brush. That is why Nail Creation carries a wide selection of the best brushes available on the market. Choose the brush that suits your needs and allows you to create the perfect nail.