NEW! Glamour Gloss Silver & Gold

February 5, 2019

Spark French manicure nails with a subtle silver or gold sparkle or give colored nails just that extra wow-factor! Glamour Gloss has superior high shine,…

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NEW! Creamy Top Gel

January 21, 2019

Give French manicure nails a natural, sophisticated look with Creamy Top gel. Creamy Top Gel is a semi-transparent top gel that will add a delicate…

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NEW! Flexifirm GEl

January 3, 2019

This one-phase gel with superior adhesion guarantees a long lasting result. Even on problematic nails! The gel is highly flexible, which makes it perfect for…

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NEW! Fiber Gel Nude & Pastel Pink

December 5, 2018

In addition to the existing shades “Cover Natural” and “Cover Pink” we introduce two new cover colors: “Fiber Gel Nude” and “Fiber Gel Pastel Pink”….

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NEW! Excel Gel

November 26, 2018

LIGHT – FLEXIBLE – STRONG – DURABLE Nail Creation Excel combines the benefits of gel and acrylic in one innovative all-in-one system. The strongest nails…

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