Nail Creation has the perfect gel for every nail stylist. Whether you are looking for a good base gel, builder gel, French gel, color
gel or finishing gel, Nail Creation has exactly what you need. The choice is yours to make!

We have a wide range of finishing gels or top gels. Whether you are looking for an amazing gloss, a subtle spark a sophisticated finish or even a matt coat. We have it all!

Super Gloss
Super Gloss is an ultra thin gel for a perfect shine with every product system, such as UV gel and acrylic liquid-powder system. This gel doesn’t leave a sticky layer after curing.

Glamour Gloss
Spark French manicure nails with a subtle multi color, silver or gold sparkle or give colored nails just that extra wow-factor! Glamour Gloss has superior high shine, is non-sticky after curing and is flexible.

Creamy Top Gel
Give French manicure nails a natural, sophisticated look with Creamy Top gel. Creamy Top Gel is a semi-transparent top gel that will add a delicate touch to any French manicure. Creamy Top Gel is non-sticky after curing and is flexible. It has a guaranteed durability and prevention from fractures on top of French manicure.

Matt That! Top Coat

Matt That! Top Coat is a protective topcoat that creates a perfect matt result over every Glamazone gelpolish color. Apply on the entire nail for a chique look or create a playful effect with a nail that is partly matte and partly shiny. …Matt that!

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